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5 Things You Need In A Bike Ride

Unlike running or walking, cycling or riding a bike requires several equipment prepared in order for such activity to be successful and safely reach the desired destination. You also need to consider your destination and the course you will be taking. Scenery is important but also if necessary, access to medical support and life necessities especially for very long distance cycling.images And before you can start cycling, here are 5 things you need in a bike ride.

  1. Bicycle – Bicycle is the most important equipment for cycling. Unless you have one, you can only walk or run and won’t be able to do cycling no matter how much you wanted. The quality of the bicycle is important. Low quality bicycles can cause you problem in the middle of nowhere which could end up in hiking or hitching a ride if you experience such problem. The functions and size of the bike should also be considered. You need a bike which suits your build. It is better not to use a bike too big for you because it would only give you trouble throughout the cycling expedition. Mountain bikes are recommended for long distance cycling since it will suit any kind of terrain. Multiple gears should also be present so you can ride any slope with ease.
  2. Helmet – Helmet is recommended for long distance cycling. Almost half of the cycling accidents lead to head injuries so it is better to have a quality helmet to protect your head from injuries. There are also other safety equipment you can use for cycling like knee and elbow pads to protect from crashes.
  3. Cycling Shorts – Cycling is more focused on your thighs and lower part of the body. Cycling shorts will be great to provide comfort while cycling. Choose cycling shorts which keeps you dry while being light and flexible. There are also cycling shirts and shoes you can purchase to further improve your cycling experience.
  4. Water Container – Cycling can consume a great amount of your body fluids. You need a water container which can carry huge amount of water without being too heavy. They should be easy to use and can fit the container holder in the bicycle. This will ensure your ability to replenish lost fluids and keeps you from dehydration.
  5. Repair Kit – Aside from accident or dehydration, the worst thing you can experience while cycling is a busted or flat tire and other problems with your bike. A repair kit which includes spare tires and CO2 for air will be recommended. This ensures that you won’t be cut short of your expedition and can ride to your destination smoothly.

With the 5 things above, you are good to go on a cycling trip. However, if the expedition will take more than a day, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag and provisions with you to help you sustain down the road. And if you are planning to go cycling regularly, consider getting a cycle accident solicitor which covers you, your bicycle and other party or property damages which might result from cycling accidents.

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